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The Journey


Courtney Cunningham

The plan is to begin eating strictly Keto on 1/15.  There will be one exception on 1/21 when we go to Emily and Jason's but I think that's how this thing is going to have to work in the beginning.  I'll be as strict as I can unless I'm at a get together with friends.  My plan is to lose 30 pounds by the time we leave for Washington DC on April 9.  I'm trying to get to 250 by my birthday next week on 1/14 which I think is possible.

For the record, when I started fasting I was 273 pounds.  That sort of blows my mind, but when I look at pictures of myself, it was evident.  I got down to 253 before the holidays and am now almost back to that weight post holiday craziness.  Like I said, I'd like to be 250 by Sunday.

I'm beginning to notice the inflammation in my face when I wake up.  I thought it was just allergies.  Well, it is in a way.  But my eyelids and under eyes are puffy when I've had too much to drink or the like.  I am becoming much more aware of my body's responses to what I eat and drink and that is really great... I like being this in-tune with my body.

This past week, I had some painful edema in my lower legs that got better once I got a massage.  I have to remember to use massage and the cannabis topical ointment that I have.  It's magical stuff.  

I'll be weighing and measuring myself on Saturday 1/13 as the starting measurements.  The birthday party is on Sunday and we begin with the keto recipes on Monday.  I'm excited and nervous, but ready to tackle this thing for the next couple months when things are quieter with work.  If I can really get after it for this few months prior to going to DC, that will give me a giant head start.  The minimum goal is to get to 200 or just under by the class reunion at Whitman in late September.  I see that as a really doable thing... 50 pounds in 8 months is a solid goal.  However, what I REALLY want to do is get to 173... that's 100 pounds in one year.  That is absolutely the ultimate goal and what I'm shooting for.  And that's why I'm writing this blog.  I want a record of the journey and I want to point people to something when they ask how I did it.