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Why We Get Fat (And what to do about it) - Gary Taubes

The Obesity Code - Dr. Jason Fung

Fat for Fuel - Dr. Joseph Mercola

The Complete Guide to Fasting - Dr. Jason Fung with Jimmy Moore

Keto Adapted - Maria Emmerich

Headstrong - Dave Asprey

Bright Line Eating - Susan Pierce Thompson
**NOTE:  In my opinion, there are several problems with the nutritional recommendations of this book and some of the "science" she references is flawed.  I would rely on the information in the rest of the books listed above for the science.  However, Susan very thoroughly addresses obesity as addiction and tells her own, very personal story which is both comforting and highly motivating.  She is a psychologist that looks at health/weight from a behavioral perspective and provides reasoning and support for the chronically overweight and/or severe yo-yo dieter.  Tons of success stories included as well an affordable program/support option.